Runway, Single channel video, 03:19, 2013

I perform acts that are opposite to what I am imposed to in a soccer field, a gender-normative space. The soccer field to me, is a space that I have been excluded from by mainstream male society. I attended all-boys school throughout grade school, but I always felt uncomfortable participating in group sports. I never liked nor was good at sports, and I was naturally unwilling to join, or left out. I spent time chatting with friends like myself while walking around the field instead. Here, where the mainstream male group come together to emphasize their physique and reaffirm their friendship, and where I have been excluded, I imitate the models’ runway walk; which is an intense form of sport that requires many hours of training.

I chose to mimic the walk out of personal experience, just like choosing the soccer field. I was curious of what the models felt when they strutted down the catwalk, exuding confidence, and I imitated them in my room alone. Thus, the acts that I personally reproduced is reenacted in public, visualizing that even the gait is gender specific.