Sohyeon Jenny Eom and I have been working on a curatorial project in which we are creating our own Venice Biennial in Venice, CA.

more info on IG @nomadpavilion

2019 Venice Biennale: Nomad Pavilion
Reevaluating La Biennale di Venezia as an art world equivalent of the Olympics, the monopolized art event lacks representation with only 30 permanent national pavilions and deprives opportunities for those who do not feel a sense of belonging within the concept of nationality. Rather than partaking in an already-established exhibition that may provide institutional validation within the art world, Nomad Pavilion aims to provide space for those who feel excluded from mainstream discourse. It questions conventional categories, the construct of validation, and systematic infrastructures. Nomad Pavilion is dedicated to supporting emerging artists of all race, color, religion, gender identity, age, national or ethnic origin, disability, marital status, sexual orientation, or veteran status.

Open Call
For its inaugural exhibition, Nomad Pavilion sent out an Open Call for artists who define themselves as “nomadic” to submit works that are “non-material,” also in their own definitions. Rather than debating who should be included and who should not, we debated how we could accommodate everyone in the best way possible. Twentynine applications were submitted and all twentynine applications were accepted.

Nowhere Better Than Here
Sunday, December 29, 2019
2306 Penmar Ave, Venice, CA 90291

Participating Artists
Ruoyi Shi, Jiyoon Kim, Vickie Aravindhan, Caroline Snow, Dane Nakama, Hea-Mi Kim, Alexeis Reyes, Alberto Keossian, Josette Chiang, Jinseok Choi, Silvi Naçi, Casey Baden, Adam Otto Lutz, Casey Chan, Jisoo Chung, Herry Kim, Shan Wu, Minkyung Choi, Minsu Kang, Andrew Koo, Looksorn, Coffee Kang, Vanessa Holyoak, Naama Attias, Vinhay Keo, Evelyn Hang Yin, Woohee Cho, Morgan Ogilvie, Jenny Eom, Ryan Park, Carlos Castro, Jungeun Kim, Jisoo Seo

Organized by Woohee + Jenny