E Columbia St, 2022
Performance with props: sweatshirt, marker, coke, musical sheet, Korean red pepper
Approx. 8 minutes
Please e-mail me for a video documentation link.

Part 1: People whisper my words to others.
I start from the crowd. I whisper to a few of the audience, “I’m going to start a performance. Can I write the title on your hand?” And write “E Columbia St” on their hand or palm. (Maybe 3 to 5 people, decide depends on the mood)
I appear on the stage. The audio recording starts playing. “coke, cock, coke, cock, coke, cock, coke, cock, cock, coke, (laughter)” This 15 seconds audio recording keeps looping during the entire first part.
I whisper to someone in the audience, “Can you write Whisper My Whisper To Others on my sweat shirts?”
I find a moment and rhythm, where to start. I dance to the music.
Movement is about : cute, seductive, sexy, making hearts with hands, showing/shaking ass and boobs popping, wink to someone, desire, smile, bright, etc. In between dances, I find a moment to whisper.
Whisper following sentences:
  1. This is the voice of the guy I fell in love with, in Seattle.
  2. I was trying to learn how to differentiate cock and coke.
  3. iPhone titled it East Columbia Street, which became the title of this work.
While they spread whispers, I dance with eye contact.

Part 2: People sing.
I hand over printed music sheets to people. I take off my pants until my knees, and write on my thigh. “NOW SING” I give them rhythm 3⁄4 by slapping my thigh. I enjoy them singing for me.

Part 3: I throw up.
There are two cokes on stage. I put red pepper powder in my mouth. I pour coke in my mouth. I throw up, spit on the audience, on the ground, everywhere. Make a disaster. Explosion in my body. It can be exaggerated. Enthusiastically throw up. Repeat until running out of one full coke. Find a moment. Collect a breath.

Down on my knees, grab the other coke. I put two spoons of red pepper powder in the other coke. I close it quickly and shake it enthusiastically, like giving a handjob. I look up at the audience from a lower angle: smile, hold back tears, cry not cry, smile again. I keep shaking a bottle. Suddenly I stop shaking. Audio recording, “coke, cock” starts playing again. I cuddle the coke. I open the bottle. It explodes. I take off my sweat shirts and leave.