Dear Mom, 2ch video installation, text, performance, 08:32, 2019

This project is started with exploring how much intimate and traumatic experience I can make into art piece, as well as what is the border of love. I have an ambivalent relationship with mom after she knew I am gay. In 2013, we fought and she asked me to write a letter about how I became gay and why I am gay. In 12/31/2013, I wrote the letter that I actually had a few relationships with guys and I sincerely loved them.

In 04/30/2018, we fought again and I recorded it. She said I should not express my gayness in the states, which I denied. She ended up saying she would have not given birth to me if she knew I would be sin to God. She said this twice, hurt me badly. I kept failing to listen this recording again. This recording is turned into frequency video without sound.

In 02/27/2019, I did FaceTime with mom showing my falsetto singing La scia Chi’o Pianga from movie Farinelli,—I sing at the same time as video— and asking her how I can improve my singing and if I can do this for art work or not.

* you can see Dear mom on webzine Ration